Monday, February 18, 2008

Father/Daughter Banquet

Here are some pictures of Jameel and Alyssa all dressed up for the Father/Daughter banquet last Friday night.


Kim said...

Alyssa looks so pretty! Did she enjoy the banquet? I think that is such a special night!

I found you from my site meter! Welcome to the blog world, my friend! And Stephanie has one,too?!? Why didn't she tell me? I'm so excited to be reading both of yours!

Anonymous said...

Alyssa is a beauty! I cannot believe how grown up she is and I really hope those two enjoyed the banquet. :)))


Anonymous said...

WOW!! Alyssa is all grown up!! It was so good to talk with you yesterday. Thanks for sharing your blog so I could see these pictures. After reading your "Mentors" section, it helps me understand why you are so draw from all these wise women in your life!! How blessed you are to have friends such as this. Good for you. God has blessed you! Take care, Leticia
P.S. - That bathroom wall paper you have is just to die for! :-)

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