Monday, March 31, 2008

Our High and Holy God

I read this today in Attitudes of a Transformed Heart by Martha Peace:

Often you hear someone use Adolf Hitler as the worst example of a wicked, evil
person one could imagine. Certainly we would not consider ourselves to be that
bad. Listen to what R.C. Sproul wrote about Hitler, our own sin, and the holiness of God.

We have more in common with Adolf Hitler than we do with God. Because we sin, we are all guilty of treason against our Creator. The gap between you and God is [infiite]... We take God's mercy for granted. Our hearts have become callous and we demand it. God is not obliged to be merciful... He is [obliged] to vindicate His holiness and be just. He has the freedom to show mercy or justice. I can understand His justice. His mercy staggers my imagination. Only once in History has an innocent man suffered - the highest possible expression of mercy happend for you.

God is Holy. He rules and works in His creation. Realize that God Most High is not your peer, pal, buddy, or friend in the sense of a chum. We are to serve Him, not use Him to serve us. Bow before Him and tell of His worth. Praise Him for His works and attributes. Give honor to Him as you study His Word. Never take His atoning work on the cross and His abiding presense for granted. Instead, express deep gratitude as a constant attitude by delighting in Him and thanking Him every day, all day no matter your circumstances or trials.

This was a great reminder to me and made me think of the Point of Grace song "God Forbid." I will leave you with that song as you meditate on God's holiness. (This was the only video I could find of this song. I'm not crazy about the graphics, but it gets the point across.)

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Kim said...

I love this book!!!

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