Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Awesome Responsibility of Parenting

I'm reading "The Home Beautiful" by J.R. Miller and today's chapter was about the parents' part of home life. This excerpt really made me stop and think about what a tremendous responsibility (and blessing!) we have in training our children.

Look at it a moment. What is so feeble, so helpless, so dependent as a newborn babe? Yet look onward and see what a stretch of life lies before this feeble infant, away into the eternities. Think of the powers folded up in this helpless form, and what the possible outcome may be. Who can tell what skill there may be lying unconscious yet in these tiny fingers, what eloquence or song in these little lips, what intellectual faculties in this brain, what power of love or sympathy in this heart? The parents are to take this infant and nurse it into manhood or womanhood, to draw out these slumbering powers and teach it to use them. That is, God put into the hands of a young father and mother a little babe, and bids them nurse it and train it for Him until the man is ready for his life mission. Does God give to angels work grander than this?

When I think of the sacredness and the responsibility of parents, I do not see how any father and mother can look upon the little child that has been given to them and consider their duty to it, and not be driven to God by the very weight of the burden that rests upon them, to cry to Him for help and wisdom.


Kim said...

It is a huge responsibility and one I do not take lightly! This is a great quote!

Kay Meadors said...

Wow! What a great quote. I have always said that parenting is one of the most difficult, heart wrenching jobs and at the same time, it is one of the most blessed, heart swelling jobs.

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