Tuesday, April 22, 2008

CutePDF - Even the NAME is cute!

OK, this is a departure from my normal blogging material but I wanted to share this neat (and FREE) tool with you.

On my old work laptop, I had Office 2007. I am now finding out just how much I loved it since my home computer only has Office 2003. One of the neat things in Word 2007 is a handy-dandy add-in that allows you to save Word documents as PDFs. Since everyone in the world doesn't have Word, this has proven very useful in sharing documents. Now that I don't have Word 2007, that ability was gone... until I discovered CutePDF Writer! CutePDF is a free tool you can download here. After you install it, you can print to it like it's a printer, except it saves your file to a PDF instead of printing it out to your printer. The beauty is that you can use this in ANY application, not just Word. So far, we've used it in several applications and it's worked perfectly every time.

And did I mention it's FREE????

1 comment:

Gina said...

THANKS! I can use that for sure! I have Office 2003 and desperately want 2007 just for the PDF creator! :)

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