Friday, April 25, 2008

Map Your Mind

1 Cor. 13 Bookmark
As I've mentioned before, I select a verse or verses of Scripture each year to meditate on for the year. This year, I selected 1 Corinthians 13:4-8a. One thing I do to help remind myself to meditate on the selected passage is to make a bookmark with the passage on it. (The graphic to the left is my bookmark for this year.) I keep the bookmark in my Bible or in the book I'm currently reading as a reminder.

Another thing I did this year for the first time was to make a "mind map" of the verse. This may not work for every passage of Scripture, but it worked well for this passage. If you've never made one of these, all you do is start with the main idea and put that in the middle. (I drew pictures, but you can also just write words if you want.) Then you take each section or sub-idea and make a "spoke" off of the main idea for each of them. The one I did is pictured below to give you an idea. I did this mind map one "spoke" at a time as I meditated on each aspect of the verse.

1 Cor. 13 Mind Map

I have also made mind maps for books I've read, making a spoke for each main idea or chapter. It helps me to go back and be able to review the book by just looking at one page rather than flipping through the book to remind myself of the key points. This is something new I'm trying this year and I'm keeping them all in a sketch book.


Half A Dozen BOOTH's said...

I love that Garfield made an appearance in this mind map! Very cool idea to do this..I will have to try it with the kids.

boo4baby said...

Hey girl, I took a class in college where we did this to many different scripture passages.....started easy, then got harder. we had to put them up for all to see each week. i loved that class! i think because it was scripture (and it brought much more understanding) and i have always loved to color! thanks for sharing!

R. D. Bailey said...

i use mapping to organize all kinds of things. even my own systematic theology. i use this -

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