Friday, July 25, 2008

How Far Away Are We?

Did you miss me? :) My youngest daughter, Hannah, is having her 10th birthday on Sunday, so the last few weeks have been busy with birthday party preparations. Between that, Jameel being sick, and just normal "life stuff," I haven't had much time to blog lately. For those of you who haven't "experienced" one of our parties, we go a little crazy with birthdays around here. I'll try to take some good pictures and blog about the party next week. It's a Willy Wonka sleepover and should be a lot of fun.

I've been doing the Starting Points curriculum and the first 9 weeks is focused on building the Biblical world view. Week 1 I studied the Bible; Week 2 I studied the nature of God; and for the next 3 weeks I am studying the nature of man. Today, in reading about the sinfulness of sin (in "Know What You Believe" by Paul Little), I ran across this great illustration of how our sin looks through God's eyes.

To see with God's eyes, suppose we were to compare one person's morals to being in Death Valley, 280 feet below sea level; another person's morals to being in Denver, the mile-high city; and another person's morals to the peak of Mount Everest, altitude 29,000 feet. The person in Death Valley represents the most ruthless lowlife in society. The person in Denver is the "average man," and the one on Mount Everest is the best person you can imagine. The enormous differences in their altitude, or elevation, are apparent. By comparison, God's standard of holiness (100 percent perfect) is represented by the earth's distance to the moon. Morally and without His help, we are far from God's holiness. In recent decades, we have had an opportunity to see how Mount Everest, Denver, and Death Valley look from the moon. They are all the same!

From our human standpoint, there are great differences in men's sinfulness, but contrasted with the infinite holiness of God, all men are equally lost, estranged from their Creator.


Krista said...

That quote is a great picture of how God views sin.

WOW! How does it feel to have your youngest turing 10 (double digits!)? I know that I am going to blink and my girls are going to be teenagers! Have fun at your Willy Wonka sleepover! :)

Jennifer said...

You're right. The time does go by quickly. Ten didn't bother me much. When Alyssa turned 13, though, that was a biggie for me.

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