Saturday, October 25, 2008

Getting in a Christmasy Mood

A few weeks ago we had our 2nd annual "Christmas Stocking Bee." We invited several of Alyssa's friends and made Christmas stockings for Arkansas Children's Hospital. They have a specific pattern they want you to use, so the stockings are rather large. We had 2 hours and the goal was to make as many stockings as we could in that time. Last year we had 7 girls and 3 moms and we made 49 stockings, so this year our goal was 50 stockings. Unfortunately, because of scheduling conflicts we only had 4 girls and 1 mom helping this year. The girls still got 34 stockings made in 2 hours, though! I was so proud of them! They worked feverishly the entire time and would have worked an extra hour to get those 50 done if I had let them.

Sewing the stockings:

Cutting out some stockings and having some fun:

A few of the finished stockings:


K said...

What fun!!! Hope and I both enjoy sewing...would you be willing to put us on you helper list for next year? If you do it that way.

Half A Dozen BOOTH's said...

So glad your family takes the time to do this! I know the kids at the hospital will be thrilled with their extra-big stockings!Meghan had a great time working on them, too.

Jennifer said...

You bet, K! Consider yourself tagged for next year's stocking bee. We can always use a few extra hands. :)

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