Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Birthday Party - Clash of the Colors

I'm a little late posting this, but a few weeks ago, we had Alyssa's birthday party. We chose to do a "Color War" type party where the girls are divided into teams and each team is given a color. The teams competed in various games and were awarded points. At the end of the party, the team with the most points won. Here are a few of the games we played:

The first game was one where I hid boxes with puzzle pieces in them. The girls had to find all 10 boxes in their team's color and then assemble the puzzle. We've used this game before and it's been a hit every time.
Jameel hid the boxes and there was one we just couldn't find. When he got home we asked him where it was. Can you see the boxes in this picture?
In this game, the girls had to blow Q-tips through a straw and knock over their opponents' cups.

In this game, one team member was blindfolded and had to put their hands in a bowl of cold spaghetti and find several rubber worms and rubber balls. Their teammates could guide them vocally, but they couldn't touch anything.

Each team was given a bag of marshmallows and a package of toothpicks and was given 10 minutes to build the highest tower they could. Our towers kind of slumped at the end, but it sure was funny watching them try!

In this game, the girls had to bounce a ping-pong ball on top of a ping-pong paddle over to a bucket and bounce the ball into the bucket. If it hit the floor, they had to start all over. This was a very competitive game and the girls were breathing hard by the time it was over!

In this game, one team member blew Q-tips through a straw and the other team member tried to catch it with the bucket. They were given a certain amount of time and the team with the most Q-tips won. In the background you'll notice the balloons on the cork board. Our tie breaker game was to throw a dart at that board. Each balloon had a different number of points in it. We didn't need the tie-breaker, but we had fun throwing darts at the balloons anyway. :)


Gina said...

You ROCK at planning parties! I bow to you, Party Queen!!! :) How fun and what fun memories!

Baroness Insomniac said...

It looks like it was a fabulous party for a fabulous young lady planned by a fabulous Mom. (I could be prejudiced... nah!) ;)

I'm so glad she had a lovely b'day!!


Kim said...

Abigail had a great time at Alyssa's fun party! What great ideas!

Jennifer said...

I can't take credit for any of the ideas. All those games were pulled from various internet sites. It all came together well, though.

We're glad Abigail could come, too. She's so fun and always gives her all in the games and activities. I wish she could've stayed until the end. She really would've enjoyed that ping-pong paddle game. :)

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