Monday, November 24, 2008

Spoon People

I’ve been thinking about spoons today. You see, since I went to England last year, I’ve been drinking hot tea in the mornings. For my recent birthday, my husband bought me some demitasse spoons, which are cute little spoons specially made for stirring tea (and coffee, I guess?). As I swirled my milk and Splenda into my tea this morning, I thought about how this cute little spoon was especially made to accomplish one specific purpose – just like God created each one of us to accomplish His purposes. Just as there are many kinds of spoons (demitasse, teaspoon, tablespoon, serving spoons, slotted spoons, iced tea spoons, etc.), there are also many kinds of giftedness in people. Some spoons are fancy and used only on special occasions; some are more ordinary and for everyday use. As I went further with this analogy, I came up with the following thoughts as to how we are all similar to spoons:

  • Each one is suited to its purpose. You wouldn’t use a serving spoon to stir your tea or a demitasse spoon to serve mashed potatoes. While some spoons can be used for multiple things, none of them are suitable for every spoon’s task.

  • Some are fancier than others, but even the simplest ones get the job done. Sometimes it’s preferable to use fancier spoons (for formal dinners and what-not), but sometimes it’s actually preferable to use the simpler ones (large, casual get-togethers, picnics, etc.). There will always be other people more gifted at something than you are. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use the abilities you’ve been given, though.

  • Spoons must be clean to be useful. You don’t use dirty spoons (at least I HOPE you don’t!). Similarly, our lives must be kept “clean” so that we are ready for service.

  • You sometimes need more than one spoon to get a job done. Just as you would use different spoons to measure ingredients, stir a recipe, and serve a dish, there are often many different people needed to accomplish a task. All are equally important even though the “guests” may only see the serving spoon.

  • Spoons don’t stir by themselves; their owner has to USE them. Similarly, we are all instruments in our Maker’s hands, accomplishing His purposes with our gifts.

  • Spoons can only dish out what they’ve been immersed into. You don’t dip a spoon into chicken broth and expect to pull out banana pudding. Likewise, we must immerse ourselves in the Word if we want to be able to “dish it out” when it is needed for the nourishment of others.

So let’s have some fun. If you were a spoon, what kind would you be and why? I’ll start and say that I think I would be a common, everyday teaspoon. It’s not the most glamorous of spoons and not suited for some uses, but it is useful in a variety of different ways.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your little devotional on spoons. By the way, I would be a wooden spoon: one that stirs everything on the stove; one that only becomes a bit thinner by use and one that is enduring; one that is made of a common substance (wood) but stands by to be used almost everyday in any way the owner sees fit. Just an old wooden spoon!

Baroness Insomniac said...

I love this!! =))

I would be an old fashioned table spoon that has seen better days; big, sturdy, scoops out a lot all at once but by the same token is unwieldy, difficult to handle and makes messes when the food accidentally topples out of it landing on your favourite blouse. Very me. XXX

Krista said...

Great insight, Jennifer! It is always so wonderful to be able to praise God and meditate on His ways even when contemplating the simple things of life like spoons. I don't think I can pinpoint what kind of spoon I am...I guess it would have to be a spoon that is versitile and is used regularly.

The one thing I am glad that you left out was the idea of disposable spoons! :) Although, life IS a vapor so I guess we are would all fit into that category! :)

Gina said...

What a great thought, Jennifer. I'm glad you shared this.

I'm not sure what kind of spoon I'd be. Right now I'm not sure I'm even human...much less try to figure out what kind of spoon I am. :)

Kim said...

Sometimes I feel like a slotted spoon...things going in only to slip back out, but maybe(hopefully) holding on to some things that have importance for life and living.

I also thought about those chocolate coated spoons that you can use in coffee to make it richer and sweeter...I would like to be that sweet, only by God's grace, though...right? I am a work in progress.

Great analogy!

Summer said...

I love this and I agree with Kim. I would probably be a slotted spoon. Maybe one that has a little tarnish on it. I have lately been feeling like the Truth has been slipping through the "slots" and I am in need of some polishing. This is a great idea for a devotion. Maybe you should write a devotional book...can't wait to see what else pops up in your head.

Elizabeth said...

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, this is a fantastic analogy.

Not having lived very long, I am not entirely sure if I can yet know what kind of spoon I am. You could say God still has me in the mold, or on the anvil, so to speak.

But I will at least tell you what first popped into my head.

A spork.

As I look at my life and all the myriad of things I have been interested in and dabbled in, it is clear I have made efforts to learn and do too many different things without spending enough time on any particular one. I have, like the man who got on his horse and rode off madly in every direction, tried to split myself too many times.

I have, like the spork, tried to be good at two things at once and ended up no good at either.

What a weird nickname that would be. Spork.

Elizabeth said...

By the way, I've now quoted you on my blog, I hope that's alright. :)

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