Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christ Asks for All

This is a poem by Elizabeth Prentiss (the author of Stepping Heavenward and other books) that I found in the book Golden Hours: Heart Hymns of the Christian Faith. It is entitled "Christ Asks for All" and I wanted to share it with you. I have bolded a part at the end that I particularly love.

A jealous lover art Thou, oh my God,
Asking my all from me;
Is it too much to give? Can I refuse
This all to Thee?

I cannot trust myself, for while I say,
All that I have is Thine,
There may be hidden in my inmost heart
Something yet mine.

I may be clinging though I know it not,
To some long-cherished joy;
I may be clasping, with a childish heart,
Some childish toy.

I would not have it thus! I would let go
Of every outward thing,
That I with empty hands, my dearest Lord,
To Thee may cling.

Thou art enough to satisfy my heart;
Long years have taught me this,
Take all, but leave Thyself, I cannot ask
A greater bliss.

I just love that bolded part. It is a great visual picture, reminding us to look at all we hold dearly and not let anything crowd out our love for Christ.


Krista said...

GREAT quote! Thanks for posting it. Have you read her bio by Sharon James (I think that is who wrote it)? I don't read bios often, but I thought I might enjoy that one. If you have read it, would you recommend it?

Jennifer said...

I haven't read that one but I want to. Alyssa got me this Hymn book of hers for my birthday and it tells a brief bio of her. Sounds like she had a tough life. I really like all of her (Elizabeth Prentiss's) books. I haven't read them all but quite a few. If you read the bio, let me know if you like it.

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