Monday, March 02, 2009

Silent Tears

I typed up this post and had intended to schedule it for Good Friday. Then I realized that I shared this same song LAST Good Friday. I'm nothing if not consistent, huh? :)

The song is called "Silent Tears" and it focuses on Mary's grief as she watches her Son die on the cross. I was reminded of it as I read the third of The Seven Sayings of the Saviour on the Cross. Here is what A.W. Pink says about Mary:

Like her Son, Mary was not un-acquainted with grief. The angel's announcement was but the forerunner of many troubles: Gabriel had come to announce to her the fact of the miraculous conception, and a moment's reflection will show us that it was no light matter for Mary to become the mother of our Lord in this mysterious and unheard of way. It brought with it, no doubt, at a distant date, great honor, but it brought with it for the present no small danger to Mary's reputation, and no small trial to her faith. It is beautiful to observe her quiet submission to the will of God.

What sorrow it must have caused her when, because there was no room in the inn, she had to lay her newly-born Babe in the manger! What anguish must have been hers when she learned of Herod's purpose to destroy her infant's life! What trouble was given her when she was forced on His account to flee into a foreign country and sojourn for several years in the land of Egypt! What piercings of soul must have been hers when she saw her Son despised and rejected of men! What grief must have wrung her heart as she beheld Him hated and persecuted by His own nation! And who can estimate what she passed through as she stood there at the cross? If Christ was the Man of Sorrows, was she not the woman of sorrows?

If you skipped over that quote, please go back and read it fully and consider Mary's sorrow. Then read the lyrics to this great song here or listen to an audio recording of the song here.

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