Saturday, April 11, 2009

Planning Ahead

Okay, I just have to share this. Most of you know that I give gift mixes for Christmas. Every year I try to find a mix that is better than the year before. That's no easy task, I assure you! It has to taste good and also has to be easy for the recipient to make, and preferably with ingredients they would already have on-hand. I spend quite a few weeks in the year trying out new recipes (poor me - NOT!) and tweaking ones that I find.

Well ... it is only April and I HAVE ALREADY FOUND 2009'S GIFT MIX!!!! I think this is the earliest I've ever found my recipe for the year! This recipe is something different that I've wanted to do for a couple of years but couldn't find a recipe I thought was easy enough and tasty enough. Now I have it and I think we've pretty much perfected it. Don't try snooping around my house for clues, either, because these don't last long! We have gobbled up all the evidence ... several times! :)

Now my only problem is packaging. I LOVED the oven mitts I used last year and they seemed to be a big hit. I tried to find some after Christmas this year, but I wasn't able to find enough. If anyone has a great idea for packaging or a great source for Christmas-y oven mitts, let me know. I still need about 47 of them.


anrah said...

I know! It's so tough! Especially on us as the kids! Forced to dispose of all the evidence! :) (We try to save mom the work of getting rid of it all!) :)


Half A Dozen BOOTH's said...

You are SOOO funny!! April and you know your Christmas gift mix! I will think on the packaging idea.

Kay said...

Makes me want to be on your best friend list. 47 O my! Here I thought my list was too long. I have several books on mixes, I will dig them out for you to look over and get more ideas.
BTW, my quilting class at church is on May 12th. I hope you and Alyssa will be in my class.

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