Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Getting Warped

My sweet friend Kay is teaching Alyssa how to weave. Let me say that weaving has a language all its own. I'm learning some of the lingo... slowly. "Warping a loom" is loading the yarn on the loom to get it ready for weaving. Of course, we enjoy cracking lots of jokes about Alyssa's new "warped" hobby. Tee hee!

Alyssa has already woven a scarf that Kay "warped" onto a loom and loaned to her. This week, Kay brought over a different kind of loom and taught Alyssa how to warp it herself. She is now making some dish cloths on that loom and is eyeing some more yarn to make more. I think I might just like this new hobby! :)

Alyssa weaving her scarf on a table-top loom.

Here are a few pictures of Kay teaching her to warp a loom.


Kim said...

How fun! Kay is so talented and that is so sweet for her to share it with others!

Baroness Insomniac said...

And this looks like an addiction, I mean a HOBBY (cough), I could totally get lost in. Yay Alyssa!! =))

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