Monday, May 11, 2009

Quality Time

How would you feel if the person you loved most in the world didn’t want to spend time with you? What if they spoke glowingly about you to others but walked right past you without speaking when they came into the room?

Would you feel hurt?




And yet we sometimes do the same thing to God. We speak about Him and even sing about Him. But do we talk to Him in prayer? Do we eagerly look forward to hearing from Him as we read His Word? Do we make Him our highest priority? Or do we walk past our Bibles and pick up the TV remote control? When we have a problem, is He the first person we run to?

As I have thought about this over the last few weeks it has convicted me that all too often I live out my day making other things the priority. Sure, it’s important to get schoolwork done, housework done, etc. But my quiet time isn’t something to just check off a “to do” list. It’s quality time with the God of the universe. How utterly mind-boggling that He would even want to hear from me or speak to me, but He does.

Lord, You are so patient with me. Please help me to make You my first and highest priority all day, every day. Amen.


boo4baby said...

Thanks for the post, girl. Great way to remember it. I try to remember it is the most important "appt" I have all day. I then become dependent on it to make it through my day! I also bought 30 Day Shred and Lydia and I have done it twice! Great workout! Love it!

Beajoy said...

Hey thanks for reading my blog. We're moving to Tulsa around June 6th! We'll miss everyone. I'm glad I'll be able to keep up with thorugh your blog! 30 day shred sounds intense! Good for you! Hope they get your meds straightened out as well!!

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