Saturday, July 25, 2009

Birthday Party - Monkey Business

This weekend we had Hannah's 11th birthday party. The theme was monkeys and the girls had a great time "monkeying around." :)

For starters, they were greeted by 2 crazy bananas. You may recognize them as Alyssa and her friend Meghan, who were great sports for dressing up in these costumes! We borrowed the costumes from our local Tropical Smoothie Cafe, who had used them for their recent grand opening. They even threw in some free smoothie coupons for the girls' goodie bags! What a deal!

After eating some pizza, the girls changed into their swim suits and we played some games in the back yard. We played "Barrel of Monkeys" (a sack race),

"Fruit throwing" (a water balloon fight),

"Dodge the Coconuts" (a modified form of dodgeball where you had to throw the beach balls up in the air and the opposing team had to dodge them), "Monkey Volleyball", and "Monkey in the Middle" (except we added the sprinklers to add to the wetness... and fun). :)

After the water games, we came inside for cake and ice cream! I borrowed a monkey cake idea from my friend Lori and found these cute monkey cupcakes online. We couldn't decide which one we liked best, so we made them BOTH. :)

We then played some inside games: "Monkey Freeze" (dance like a monkey and freeze when the music stops),

"Pin the Bananas on the Monkey," and "Toss the Monkey" (A game we made by painting terra cotta pot lids and assigning different point values to each. The girls tossed bean bags and tried to get the most points. We added up the points and played until someone reached 400 points.).

I then let the girls do a craft of painting monkey sun catchers.

After that, I gave them glow sticks and let them play and watch movies the rest of the evening. We rented "Space Chimps" for the party, but I think they ended up watching others instead. In the morning, the girls had breakfast and got their goody bags with the monkey wallets in them before packing up and heading home.

And now... I'm one tired little monkey. :)


Gina said...

Oh how fun!!!! :)

Half A Dozen BOOTH's said...

Madison showed me her monkey wallet and when I mentioned you MADE all of them, she was soooo impressed!! Me too! Fun party!

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