Saturday, July 18, 2009

Captured by the Wonder of it All

Tomorrow is a milestone of sorts for me. After having my thyroid removed in January, tomorrow will be my first time back singing with the ladies ensemble at my church. I am so thankful that God protected my voice during this surgery!

The song we will be singing is a Phillips, Craig, and Dean song called “How Great You Are” (re-arranged by Christine to better suit a ladies ensemble). The chorus goes like this:

How great You are, how small I am,
How awesome is Your mighty hand.
And I am captured by the wonder of it all
And I will offer all my praise,
With all my heart, for all my days,
How great You are,
How great You are,
How great You are!

As I was singing over the song in my head today, I asked myself, “Am I really ‘captured by the wonder of it all’?” All too often, the answer is no. I don’t stop often enough to think about the wonderful and amazing things God does for me. Daily. Hourly. Moment by moment.

There are a lot of songs that have been written and I’ve wondered before how there can be so many new songs written every year. Haven’t we heard it all before? Well, the glorious truth is that there is NO END to the wonderful things we could say about our God. We could each write a new song every day and we would still not exhaust all we could say about Him. Think about that for a moment and let it boggle your mind.

Isn’t it incredible?

It simply amazes me.

And I’m captured by the wonder of it all.


besnini said...

I can't wait to see you up there singing...a tangible answer to prayer :) I love the song you all are singing. You post was so encouraging. How can we NOT be captured by it all when we really stop and think about the Lord?

boo4baby said...

I am so happy for you, friend! I hope I get to hear it. Luke is still pretty swollen and sore, so I am not sure if I will be taking care of him or going to church. We'll see. I will look forward to hearing you at some point, though.

Gina said...

Was so good to see you up there today!! Love, love the song. A great reminder of how I NEED to be - I need to be amazed, constantly.

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Gina! It was good to be back up there. :)

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