Monday, August 17, 2009

Curriculum for 2009-2010

We have been doing school for a couple of weeks now and things seem to be going pretty well so far. It occurred to me that I have been helped in the past by seeing what curriculum others use, so I thought I would post what I am using for each of the girls this year. Here goes...

Alyssa is starting HIGH SCHOOL this year (Yikes!), so I actually sat down and figured out all of her classes and curriculum for the next 4 years at the beginning of the year, to make sure I didn't leave out anything important. (You can stop laughing at me now.) I still have a couple of holes in that plan, but for the most part, we know what we're doing for her, which helps me to plan financially for any outsourced classes or activities. This year, she is doing the following:

  • Literature (Sonlight Core 100)
  • Biology (Apologia) - She is NOT looking forward to those dissection labs, either!
  • Geometry (Bob Jones)
  • American History (Sonlight Core 100)
  • Health (A Beka) - This is just 1 semester.
  • P.E. (Soccer) - She needs a half credit for P.E., so she will be playing soccer for 2 semesters. She also referees, but that doesn't count.
  • Bible/Theology - I am giving her a credit each year for this because she gets so much from youth group and the Scripture memory program. She also has Bible time in the morning where she reads Scripture and/or some other (spiritually helpful) book.
  • Spanish 2 (co-op)

We are also starting to think about extracurricular activities to add to her transcript. She already volunteers at our local library (She loves it and they LOVE her!) and will probably join the Homeschool Key Club, which is new this year. We will add her referree job, too, and probably a few other community service things along the way. If any of you have neat ideas of things you've used as extracurricular activities, I'd love to hear them.

Hannah is in 6th grade this year and she will be doing the following:

  • Math (A Beka)
  • Language (A Beka)
  • Science (A Beka) - This covers three 9-week grading periods.
    Health (A Beka) - This covers the last 9-week grading period.
  • American History/Reading (Sonlight 4) - I chose this because I was told that the Sonlight 6 was very hard reading and Hannah does not like to read. I didn't want to discourage her this first year of using this curriculum, so I was going to use Sonlight 5, but was told those books weren't as interesting as the ones in 3 and 4. So that's what we're doing.
  • P.E. (Soccer)
  • Music (Piano and Servants & Singers)
  • Bible - When Awana gets started, she will use her Bible time to work on that. For now, she has a personal devotional book that she reads each day.
Hannah has been *wanting* to work on her handwriting this year, which is a new thing for her. We will probably work on that informally. I still have some worksheets left over from previous years that she can use to practice with. If I push it, it will seem like work and she'll quit, so I'm just letting her set her own pace in that right now.

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