Friday, August 28, 2009

DIY Framed Initial

A few months ago, we did some remodeling in our bathroom. We got new cabinets and countertops, tiled the floor, painted, and got new towels and curtains. I had not had a curtain on the small window before and when we put up the bar, my clock that was in that space didn't fit any more. I found a nice place for it on the other wall, but this spot was begging to be filled.

So I bought a wire 8x10 frame at Wal-Mart for about $10. I used a piece of black scrapbooking paper to cut out my initial and glued it onto another piece of scrapbooking paper that coordinated somewhat with the bathroom colors. I put it in the frame and I think it looks great over that empty spot. :)

It's taken me a while to post this because the frame was broken and Jameel had to fix it. He just did that last week and he did a great job. You can't even tell where it was broken! :)

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