Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Photo Fiasco

Once upon a time there was a woman who needed to move a weaving loom into her daughter's bedroom. To make room for the loom, said daughter decided to move all her clothes into the closet and get rid of her chest of drawers. The woman decided that this chest of drawers would be a big help in the storage room. However, to get the chest of drawers into the storage room, she had to clean out said storage room. That is where this story takes a decidedly disastrous turn.

While cleaning out the storage room, she found a large box of photos and items taken from her grandparents' house. She decided she would tackle the project of putting all of these photos into a scrapbook for her father. (Play ominous music here.)

She purchased a scrapbook with her handy dandy 40% off coupon from Michael's (Yay!) and began the process of putting the photos in the album. Along the way, she found MORE pictures that needed to be put into the album. (Uh-oh!) And then she lost her ever lovin' mind and decided that she would just go ahead and clean out her picture drawer and put all those photos into photo albums while she was at it. (Insert scream here.)

Well, folks, that was 2 weeks ago. Since then, this crazed woman has finished the album for her father (Yay!), has FILLED 6 photo albums which each hold 400 photos (Some are pictured below. I had to buy more since I took this picture.), and has scrapbooked all of her Christmas cards and photos for the last umpteen years (Hip hip hooray!).

The tragic part of this story, though, is that she STILL has a big box of photos that need to be scrapbooked (because they're odd-sized), and several over-sized photos that need to be put in an album as well. She did order an 11x17 album online, but alas! That item was discontinued. Therefore, her photo drawer is still half full and her sanity is half gone.

And what, pray tell, did she find yesterday when searching for more double-sided tape? MORE PICTURES!!!! (*sigh*)

The moral of the story: It is simply incredible the amount of photos you can cram into one drawer!


besnini said...

But is the weaving loom in said daughter's room? inquirering minds want/need to know! Do not leave us hanging! ;D

Jennifer said...

Oh, yes. The loom is happily in said daughter's room and the chest-of-drawers is happily in the storage room. :) So I guess the *entire* story wasn't a tragedy. :)

boo4baby said...

would you come to my house?! i have many projects like that!!! and they all bleed into the next one! ugh! i am slowly making progress.......very, very slowly.

Jennifer said...

Becky - That's how I feel! I start one thing and it leads to another and pretty soon I'm up to my eyeballs in projects. I think I'm going to have to put the remaining pictures away for a while. I've been working on them so much that I don't want to ever take another picture again. Not good. At least if I ever get this project done, I hopefully won't let myself get this far behind again.

Kim said...

Ha/ha...laughing over here! Fun to read and good job on organizing all of those photos!

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