Monday, September 21, 2009

Capturing that Spark of Interest

I wanted to capitalize on Hannah’s newfound interest in how Scripture fits together and how it can answer our questions. I remembered a book that I bought years ago called Did Adam Have a Belly Button by Ken Ham. This is a wonderful book from the Answers in Genesis ministry written for children ages 12 and up. I had read parts of it, but mainly used it as a reference book. Alyssa had read it years ago, but I decided it was time to dust it off again for our morning devotional time.

So we started reading it during breakfast. The book is set up in a question and answer format, with each answer taking up roughly one page. This makes them a quick read for short attention spans. J We actually have been reading 2 questions per day because they’re so short. Hannah likes to guess at the answer to the question before I read the answers in the book.

So far the questions have been pretty simple but I’m looking forward to some good discussions as we get to some of the more difficult questions that she might not have thought about later in the book. If nothing else, it will serve to get her thinking, which is always a good thing.


boo4baby said...

I need this book! Thanks for the recommendation!

Kay said...

I tried to find you Sunday. Look me up this week. K

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