Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cool Tool: Like Feature on Blogs

About a week ago, a friend mentioned that she wished there was a "Like" feature on blogs the way there is on Facebook. I did a little searching and found this nifty trick to add "reactions" to your blog posts! (Look at the bottom of this post to see it in action.)

The only drawback is that it doesn't tell you who likes the post (like it does on Facebook), but it's at least an easy way for you to leave a reaction to let someone know you're reading their blog even if you don't frequently leave comments. It also seems to limit the number of reactions to what will fit on one line.

Another way to add a "like" is through Google Reader. If you use Google Reader, it has a "like" button at the bottom of every post. If you click on that, it will make your "like" public so that people can see who likes that post. However, you have to go into Google Reader to see it.

I hope you enjoy playing with these features. Add it to your blog or use it to encourage other bloggers.

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