Monday, November 02, 2009

2009 Quilting Bee

On Saturday, we held our annual "bee". This year, though, our bee was a little different. In previous years, we have made stockings for our local children's hospital. This year, they told us that they didn't need more of those, so we had an actual QUILTING BEE instead, to make quilts for the Craft Hope project!

Kay helped me choose an easy pattern for beginners and I pre-cut the fabric to save time at the bee. Because October/November is such a busy time of the year, we ended up with only 4 girls at the bee, but those girls worked really hard. This was a bigger project than they were used to, but they tackled it with enthusiasm. I was very proud of each of them!

The moms also pitched in and helped with ironing and cutting. (The moral of the story is "be careful if you come to my house: I'll put you to work!" Ha ha!)

Kay and Teresa also brought their sewing machines and started quilts of their own.

We didn't finish the quilts, but the girls all got their blocks done and at least some of their blocks connected into strips. They each took their quilts home to finish and will be giving them to me to mail out before the Craft Hope deadline. I will try to post pictures of the completed quilt tops once I get them all in.

Thanks, everyone, for spending your Saturday morning (and beyond!) in a behind-the scenes ministry to bless someone you don't even know. I can't wait to see all the completed quilt tops!
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