Friday, November 13, 2009

Finally Finished!

I finally finished Alyssa's quilt today! It was just a few days after her birthday, but she didn't mind. :)

I learned many lessons through this process. One was learned Wednesday when Kay took me to her friend Sandy's to quilt the top and backing together. I learned that the backing is supposed to be several inches larger than the top all the way around. Oops! It still turned out okay, but it would have been easier if I had known that ahead of time.

I also should have sewn the trim to the backing first and then finished on the top. I did it backwards and ended up missing it in a few places and had to go over it. I wasn't happy with it, but Alyssa is very forgiving. She was just thrilled to have it finished to cuddle with! Here are pictures of the finished quilt.

One thing I was pleased with was the embroidery on the back. I hand wrote her name (last name smudged in the picture on purpose for confidentiality), the date, and "Love, Mom" and back stitched over it before we quilted the top and backing together. That way I have PROOF that I made it. :)


boo4baby said...

Looks great, girl! I would be so proud and Alyssa looks so happy!

Baroness Insomniac said...

There is not a thing wrong with that beautiful quilt! =)) What a lovely gift for Alyssa. If you look at older quilts, I'm sure you've seen that there is no such thing as a perfect quilt - but truly, in this one, you're the only one that knows for it is stunning. =))

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