Monday, November 23, 2009

Great Give-Aways and How to Keep Up With Them

I love a good give-away on a blog. I have entered many and even won a few.

Today, while browsing through my Monday morning posts in Google reader, I ran across this great give-away on He is giving away an ENTIRE set of J.C. Ryle’s Expository Thoughts on the Gospels! I already have this set, so I'm not entering, but I wanted my beloved blog readers (both of you!) to know about it in case you don't have the set. It's definitely worth a minute of your time to go and subscribe to this blog for a chance to win this great commentary set!

Also, Kristin from We Are THAT Family posted today about a site called Today's Give Away that has lots of give aways every day. It looks like they have a lot of different things, so I will definitely be watching that one in the weeks to come to see what kind of goodies they have to give away.

Finally, I'll give a little plug to Google Reader. If you try to follow several blogs, using a reader will save you lots of time and keep you up to date. I have used Google Reader and Bloglines and I personally like Google Reader better. You can categorize your blogs, "star" items that you want to save, and display unread blog posts on your Google home page. Basically, a reader is a one-stop shop that shows you all your blogs and displays the new posts without you having to go to each one of them every day to see if they have posted anything new. I love technology that saves me time!

That's all I have for today. This week is our Christmas preparation week, so posts may be scarce from me. We are taking the entire week off of school to get the house decorated, presents bought and wrapped, and gift mixes assembled. Should be a fun and busy week!

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