Thursday, November 26, 2009

School Yearbook Photos

We recently had our family pictures taken by our friend Anita.  She did a great job and we got a lot of good pictures, both of the family and of the girls by themselves.  Each year, I try to make a school "yearbook" for the girls with scrapbooked pages of activities we did throughout the school year.  Last year, I started including a family picture (or collage of pictures) on the front page.  I really like that catalog of our family each year, so I intend to keep doing that. 

I also do a 2-page spread for each girl, with their school picture and other assorted pictures.  This year, all the pictures are from Anita's photo session.  She just got SO many good ones of the girls!  I may even have to add another page or two for the ones she got of them together.

I thought I would post these pages for you to enjoy, as I get them completed.  Here is Hannah's 2-page spread.

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