Thursday, December 31, 2009

Books Read in 2009

Here is the list of books I read in 2009. I will be clearing out the sidebar and starting fresh for 2010, but I want to keep previous years' lists so I am putting it into a post.

Since I read 50 books in 2008, my initial goal for 2009 was to read 52 books (roughly 1 per week). About halfway through the year, though, my brain became "overloaded" and I forced myself to slow down. While it looks like I didn't read much at all from August through December, I was actually reading a quite "meaty" book (Holiness by J.C. Ryle), but was reading it at a much slower pace. I still finished the year at a respectable 31 books.

January (5)
February (2):
March (3):
April (6):
May (3):
June (2):
July (5):
August (1):
September (1):
November (1):
December (3):
Total books read in 2009 = 31


besnini said...

are you using Sonlight? We have read most if not all of the books "for school" We loved Across Five Aprils and I am David. Actually I think all the books you listed Hope told me I couldn't get rid of...she likes to keep the books she really enjoyed :)

Jennifer said...

Yes, I am using Sonlight for both girls this year. I did a good job last year of pre-reading most of the books before Alyssa read them but I can't keep up with 2 of them doing it. I am doing the read alouds with Hannah, though, and Alyssa tells me about the ones she thinks I'll like that she's reading. Maybe someday I'll have time to read them all... :)

Anonymous said...

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