Thursday, April 01, 2010

Craft Hope Project 7: Bean Bags

The Craft Hope group has posted another great crafty project for charity! This time they have partnered with the Liberia Orphan Education Project (LOEP) to send educational bean bags to orphan schools in Liberia, West Africa.

I have made some bean bags for parties and things before and they are SO EASY and fun to make!

They need full sets of the alphabet, numbers, colors, etc., so please spread the word to anyone you know who may be interested. Only full sets will be accepted. This would be a great group project, especially for young girls just learning to sew.

There are specific requirements for this project since it is an educational tool and traveling to West Africa. They are hoping to collect TWENTY SETS each of Alphabet bean bags, Shape bean bags, Color bean bags, and Number bean bags. (Photo examples are below or you can click on the links in the previous sentence.)

Also, because of shipping and customs issues they cannot accept bags filled with rice, beans, popcorn, or other food products. Plastic pellets, aquarium gravel, or other non-food stuffing is necessary.

Other Considerations ::
Number Bean Bag Sets: All bags need to be the same color so children learn the numbers printed on the bag and not begin to identify the bag color instead of the number (ex. child ”reads” the red bean bag as “3″ only because it is red and not because of the “3″ printed on it). If all number bags are the same the child will see the difference in the numbers and not the difference in the colors.

Alphabet Bean Bag Sets: Any colors are great. Letters can be either upper or lower case or both but might be best if a standard font or style is used so that the letters are easily identified by little ones.

Of course, any other creative ways you can come up with to teach letters, shapes, numbers, and colors with bean bags will be gratefully received.

Here are some bean bag tutorials to help you along… here, here, and here. (Pictures below)

The deadline for this project is May 15th. I have committed to make at least one set of alphabet bean bags. If I have time and materials, I will make more. If you would like to participate, feel free to send yours directly to LOEP (instructions here). Or, if you live in the central Arkansas area, I will be happy to combine your set(s) with mine when I mail them to save on the cost of shipping. I plan on sending mine on May 10th.

Happy sewing!


Kimberly said...

Will you applique the letters?? I was thinking about making some bean bags for Micah the other day. I hadn't thought about making it have a secondary purpose! :) Enjoy! I love seeing all the projects that Craft Hope does!

Jennifer said...

I like the applique letters, but I'm actually thinking about using the embroidery feature on my sewing machine for them. It will be much faster and the bean bags are just the right size for my 4in x 4 in embroidery hoop. :)

beth said...

Thank you for taking part in this project to help teachers and children in Liberia. Your efforts will be rewarded tenfold, I can guarantee and will have a positive impact on young lives that need our help for their future.
Beth at LOEP

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