Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sizing Up Your Problems

Have you ever felt hopeless? Defeated? Like whatever problem you are facing is just insurmountable? If so, this quote from Paul David Tripp’s book War of Words is for you. He is specifically addressing communication problems, but the same principle can be applied to any kind of problem.

I urge you not to look at the giant of your communication problems as the army of Israel did Goliath, comparing their size to his. Look at your communication problems with the eyes of David, comparing puny Goliath to the awesome grandeur and glory of God. He is able! He is the great Author of change! He is the Restorer! There is life in his Words! He will not call you to anything that he does not enable you to do!

Isn’t that a great visual aid? The next time I feel overwhelmed and am facing Goliath-sized problems, I want to remember that I serve an awesome-sized God and nothing is too big for Him to handle.

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