Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So Many Blessings

I apologize that my blog posts have been so sporadic lately. As we near the end of the school year, it just seems like there are so many things going on!

For example, last weekend was a flurry of activity. On Friday, we found out that Alyssa is going to get to go on a summer, short-term mission trip this year. This is a BIG deal because our church had to cancel one of the scheduled trips (to Mexico) because of all the violence going on there. Because of that cancellation, we had thought that only seniors and juniors would be able to go this year, and had resigned ourselves to the fact that Alyssa would not get to go this year. But the elders were able to find another trip, which means all 10th - 12th graders who had applied to go on a trip will now get to go, along with selected 9th graders. Alyssa was selected as one of the 9th graders and will be going on a trip to Broken Arrow Bible Ranch in New Mexico later this summer. She's so excited!

On Friday night, Alyssa and I attended a women's conference at our church. Our guest speaker, Susan Heck, was really good. Saturday, Alyssa had a soccer game and Hannah took part in the Awana Games (formerly called the Awana Olympics), so we didn't get to attend the rest of the conference.

Our church took 2 teams to the Awana Games and they competed in 2 different groups. Each team won their group and went on to the state finals where they competed with another team (who had won a different Awana Games division). Hannah's team won the state championship and the other team from our church came in 2nd! It was a very exciting day and the kids all had a great time and displayed exemplary team spirit and sportsmanship. I didn't take a camera to the Awana Games, but I did take Alyssa's Flip video camera. Here are a few still pictures taken from that video.

State Champs:Both teams from our church:

Here is a picture of Hannah with her medal that we took when we got home.

On Sunday, we were privileged to hear the testimony of George and Jennifer Lawson and then George preached Sunday night. George is candidating (Is that even a word?) for our youth pastor position. We had a time of Q&A Sunday night and I am really excited about how God will use this dear couple to complement our existing staff.

My heart was full when I went to bed on Sunday night. So many blessings in such a short amount of time. Thank you, Lord, for weekends like this!

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Baroness Insomniac said...

So happy that Alyssa gets to visit New Mexico and I hope she enjoys her trip!

Loving the medal, Miss Hannah. =))

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