Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Prayer for Usefulness

I found this prayer in David Tripp’s book War of Words recently. I couldn't find a credit for where he found it, so he may have written it himself. I thought it was a wonderful prayer, especially for us task-oriented types who sometimes focus so much on the task at hand that we miss the opportunities for ministry God places in our paths. (Or maybe I'm the only one like that?)

Lord, today there may be someone who needs me
    as an arm to lift life's load,
    an eye to lead the lost,
    a mind to learn Love's law.
May my arm not be slack,
    my eye not grow dim
    nor my mind fail to comprehend.
Rather, make me strong,
    give me discernment,
    fill me with truth.
Lord, I don't want to be
    unprepared, unsteady, unsure
    when his need is made known.
So, help me and use me
    to bless my neighbor
    according to Your will
    and in Your name,

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