Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer Party Fun: Flip Flop Swap

As a celebration of the beginning of summer, we held our first-ever Flip Flop Swap yesterday. I first found the party idea here and we thought it sounded like a great way to celebrate the end of the school year. Hannah came up with the cool name and we went to work getting the invitations sent out!

After we received the RSVPs, each girl was given a “Secret Flip Flop Pal” (and her shoe size) and was instructed to bring a wrapped pair of flip flops for their designated pal on party day. We set a limit of $15 for our flip flops.

Since it was supposed to be a summer party, we decided to make it a cookout and just have games for the girls to play in the back yard. This was my first “hang out” party (where I didn’t have organized games for the girls), so it was a new experience for me. And I learned a valuable lesson: you cannot control the weather. When I saw the forecast for party day, I was just glad it wasn’t supposed to rain. Little did I know it would turn out to be a HOT, humid, record-setting (Did I say HOT already?) day in May!

We got the back yard ready with badminton, horse shoes, and 2 bean bag games. The girls played outside while everyone was arriving and while Jameel was grilling the hamburgers and hot dogs.

After the girls ate, we decided it was time to take a breather in the AIR CONDITIONING, so I sent them inside for the swapping of the flip flops. Here’s a picture of all the lovely flip flops that were received:

After opening their flip flops, I had ice cream and some rice krispy treats shaped like flip flops for dessert. (I’ll make a separate blog post about these later.)

Since it was so hot, we told the girls they could play outside or stay inside. The older girls sat around the living room and visited and the younger girls went outside to play badminton against Jameel. All of them. On one team. Against Jameel. Guess who won?

As the girls left, we handed out goody bags with flip flop items from Oriental Trading. I think the girls all had a good time and my girls are already wanting this to become a yearly tradition.


Krista said...

(Sorry that I rarely comment! Many times I have a baby on my lap when I read blogs!)

That was such a cute party idea! ...Such a good idea! I think I might try to do it with adult ladies. I always cringe about having gift exchanges around Christmas since it is so busy that time of year. This is a perfect summer get together!

Jennifer said...

Krista - Don't worry about rarely commenting - I totally understand!

The original idea was for an adult ladies party, so I think that would work out great. You may want to check that link (at the beginning of my post) to see how they did their party. They also have more detailed instructions for the invitations.

Gina said...

Oh, I am soooooooo filing that away for future use. I LOVE it!!!!! What a great idea. Great fun! And I love the Rice Krispie treats!!!!

Baroness Insomniac said...

Yet another totally creative party idea from you. =)) Looks like it was a blast. ((hugs))

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