Monday, July 12, 2010

Great Weekend

Last week was somewhat of a blur, getting Alyssa ready for her first mission trip. She left Friday for Broken Arrow Bible Ranch and will be back next Sunday. I miss her already, but I know she is having a great time and will learn a lot through this experience.

On Saturday, my England scrapbook came in the mail! I danced a jig (Seriously. Ask Hannah. She was mortified.) and showed it to anyone who would look on Sunday. It's just gorgeous and I am SO pleased with the printing. I can't say enough for the folks at The scrapbook ended up being 100 pages long. I checked several sites and most of them charged $100-$200 for a book that size! The book only cost me $35 at ($40 with shipping). A hard-bound copy would have only been $10 more. I've already started on my next project, which is a scrapbook of our birthday parties.

Then on Sunday, we had our first meeting of the Dorcas Sewing Circle I'm organizing at our church. We had lots of women and girls show up and it was so much fun! They all worked hard and we got a lot done, too. One young girl said that she hadn't planned on coming, but it was so much fun, she thinks she'll come next time, too. What an encouragement!

This week I have some projects to do to get ready for Hannah's upcoming birthday party and I need to get a start on lesson plans for school. We usually start school the first week of August, so it's approaching quickly. Where did my summer go?

I hope you had a great weekend, too.

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