Monday, August 30, 2010

Memorizing Colossians

Each year, the youth at my church memorize a book (or significant chunk) of Scripture. This year they are memorizing Colossians and I am doing it with them. Each week we have a set of verses to memorize. Once we finish a chapter, we say the entire chapter in one sitting. At the end of the book, we say the entire book in one sitting.

The first year I participated in this program, we memorized 1 John. I kept pretty much on schedule but I missed a few weeks and I did a terrible job of going back over verses I had previously memorized, so I wasn’t able to say each of the chapters in one sitting.

Last year, we memorized 1 Peter and I did a little better. Each week as I went over the new verses, I also worked on the previous verses in the same chapter. I was able to say all the individual chapters in one sitting, but I wasn’t able to say the entire book in one sitting at the end. This year I hope to do even better and review the book as I go so that I can say the entire book in one sitting.

Memorizing Scripture is good and important, but I don’t want to just memorize it for memory’s sake. I want it to mean something. So this year I purchased John MacArthur’s Bible study book on Colossians and I plan on going through it at the same pace as our memorization schedule. I’m hoping this extra step will help me to think more deeply about the verses we are memorizing.

I originally thought I would try to blog weekly about some of the things I’m learning through this study, but I just don’t know if I can commit to that schedule. For now I'll just say that you can look forward to seeing some occasional posts from me about Colossians over the course of the next year.

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