Friday, November 19, 2010

Book Review: Being a Girl Who Serves

I recently read the book Being a Girl Who Serves: How to Find Your Life by Giving It Away by Shannon Kubiak Primicerio. I heard about this series from a friend of mine, who loaned me the book to check out.

The stated purpose of the book is found on page 62:

My prayer is that this book stirs a passion in you to do the one thing God has truly called you to do: glorify Him with your life. That means in everything you say and everything you do, you serve God. It means you view the simple act of breathing as an act of worship. Something as simple as offering a smile and a kind word to someone who looks a little lost wandering the halls of your school can be viewed as an act of service.

Primicerio writes in a simple, conversational style and uses lots of personal stories to illustrate life lessons. Since the book is geared toward teens, most of the illustrations revolve around teen issues: school, relationships with parents and siblings, etc. At the end of each chapter, she includes application questions that help the reader reflect upon the lesson and a challenge based on the topic discussed. Whether you use the application questions or not, I commend the challenges to you. They were often very good.

My favorite chapter is entitled “Gifts Not Tied with Bows,” which talks about using any ability God has given us for His glory: not just the “typical” ministry gifts. Here are a few quotes I appreciated from that chapter:

There is no such thing as a small gift when it comes from God.

Even your homework can become an opportunity to serve God. So many times, though, we don’t look for those opportunities. We just blow right by them because we are so caught up in serving only in typical ministry outlets.

Whatever you do best, get out there and do it for the glory of God!

For more information on the “Being a Girl” series, check here. For an interview with the author, check here.

THE VERDICT: Recommended for teens

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