Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Kindle Cover

Alyssa got a Kindle for her birthday (which she LOVES) and promptly ordered a cover for it to keep the screen from getting scratched. When it came in, we realized we had ordered the wrong size (Doh!). We were able to re-sell it on eBay, though. {insert happy dance here} We ordered another cover in the correct size, but she wanted something to keep the Kindle protected in the meantime.

So I pulled out some old fabric left over from her quilt and some fleece. I made the fleece into a lining and made this little pouch for her Kindle. We used an old ponytail holder for the elastic closure.

She really likes this cover because it's cute, small and protects the Kindle from getting bumped or scratched. Not too bad for just some scraps of fabric and a ponytail holder!

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