Tuesday, December 14, 2010

March of the Penguins

Last year, we made some snowman candy bar wrappers for Alyssa to give to her small group and friends. Hannah wanted to make those this year for her small group, so that's what we did. Alyssa wanted something different.

She decided she wanted to do penguin candy bar wrappers. I found this online and we tweaked it a little. I was able to find some snowflake brads for the top of the hats and we added googly eyes.

Instead of using Hershey bars, we used Reese's Peanut Butter cups so the penguins would be "squattier." (That's a word, right?) I just think they turned out to be adorable!

If you want to make your own, here's how we made ours. (Sorry I don't have pictures, but the link above does have a tutorial for how they made theirs.)
  • Wrap your bar in black cardstock. Tape with double-sided tape.
  • The hat is made from two 2-inch circles cut from red cardstock. Tape one to each side of the black wrapper with double-sided tape. We used a tiny hole punch to make a hole for the brad to go through.
  • The brim of the hat is white cardstock cut with decorative scissors. Tape it all the way around the wrapper with double-sided tape.
  • For the body, I drew an oval on white cardstock because I don't have an oval hole punch. I then used that as my pattern for the rest. I also drew out the smaller ovals in black cardstock for the wings.
  • The head is punched from white cardstock using a heart-shaped hole punch. The feet were punched out of orange cardstock with the same hole punch, but I just used the top half.
  • The beak was punched out of orange cardstock with a smaller heart-shaped hole punch.
  • We used a glue stick to attach the beak and glue dots to attach the googly eyes, but everything else was attached using double-sided tape.
  • Instead of stamping a Christmas greeting on the body, Alyssa hand-wrote a Christmas greeting on the back with a silver Sharpie.
The total cost on these is very small, but it makes such an adorable little Christmas gift for friends! She's taking them to small group tomorrow night and I'm sure the girls will all love them.


Gina said...

Cute, cute, cute!!!! Love them! Alyssa and her momma are so talented! :)

Coley said...

These are adorable! I'm saving this idea for next year. Thank you for sharing!

CMEI Antônio Tortato said...

Também postei. Valeu!

Julie said...

Super Cute! I will make these for my family. So many great Ideas!

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