Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Second Quilt

I made my first quilt last year for Alyssa. When my mother found out I was making a quilt, she begged me to make her one hinted that I should make her one casually mentioned that she had always wanted a quilt. Never one to miss a hint, I picked up on it right away.

She wanted a twin-sized quilt for her guest room in blacks and creams.

Not black and white, mind you. Black and CREAM. Do you know how hard it is to find fabric that's black and cream (or off-white or beige or any other neutral, non-white color)? Let me tell you, then. It's not easy. I finally managed to find several prints I liked and that looked good together. That's when I started getting excited about this quilt.

I settled on a pattern very similar to the one I used for Alyssa's quilt. I like this pattern not just because it's simple, but also because it's very forgiving. Since I'm still a beginner, many of my seams didn't match up, but that's okay with this pattern.

I used black muslin for the backing and made trim with the left-over pieces of my 4 light-colored fabrics. I am just thrilled with how it turned out!

My friend Sandy quilted it and finished it for me. Didn't she do a FABULOUS job?!

I have been wanting to post this for weeks, but I had to wait until after Christmas. My mother doesn't usually read my blog, but just in case she did read it, I didn't want to spoil the surprise.


boo4baby said...

It's beautiful! Quilting is one thing on my list to learn when I get the chance.......whenever that will be. :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Becky! I've only done simple patterns so far. I'd like to do something more complicated, but I'd have to give myself a lot more time to work on it. Like you said... someday... :)

Kay said...

It is gorgeous! Your mom has great color sense. I hope to make lots of quilts this next year. I already have 2 started.

Kay said...

BTW, I hope you signed it like you did Alyssa's.

Jennifer said...

Thanks, Kay! Actually, I didn't sign this one. I thought about it, but since she's using it on a bed, I wanted her to have the option of turning it over and using the solid black side if she wanted to. Alyssa's was just a throw, so I wasn't as worried about its "presentation," if that makes sense.

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