Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Finding My Voice

I was reading recently about Thomas Spurgeon, the son of famous preacher Charles Haddon Spurgeon, when I ran across this statement:

Thomas Spurgeon was a voice for God, not an echo of his father.

From 50 People Every Christian Should Know: Learning from Spiritual Giants of the Faith by Warren Wiersbe

Isn’t that thought-provoking? It made me think about my own “voice” on this blog. Do I merely echo others or do I have my own voice for God? In some sense, all voices that are voices for God will have a tinge of “echo” in them because we’re all praising and exalting the same God. But in another sense, if my voice is just an echo of others, then am I really offering genuine praise of my own?

Some blog posts come to me in a flash of inspiration while drinking my morning tea, reading a book, watching TV, or even while waiting at a stop light (True story!). Others I mull over for a long time. Lately, though, I’ve found myself posting mostly quotes without any original thought of my own attached. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, but I wonder sometimes if it’s really profitable for my handful of faithful readers.

So what’s wrong with being an echo, as long as you’re echoing something good? After all, an echo can be a beautiful thing. We’re told that God likes to hear His Word echoed back to Him in prayer. When our choir sang in St. Paul’s Cathedral, the echo rang in the room for several seconds after we finished singing. It was stunningly beautiful. I think what the author was getting at, though, is the fact that an echo is always weaker than the original.

A voice, however, is a powerful thing. It can convince people to change their behavior – for better or worse. For example,
  • Adam heeded the voice of Eve and plunged the whole world into sin (Genesis 3)
  • Abraham heeded the voice of Sarah and took Hagar as a wife (Genesis 16)
  • Pharaoh did not immediately heed the voice of Moses and paid the price with deadly plagues (Exodus)
  • The people refused to listen to the warning voice of Samuel and demanded a king (1 Samuel 8).
  • Pilate gave in to the voice of the crowd that shouted, “Crucify Him!” (Luke 23:22-24)

When asked who he was, John the Baptist replied:

He said: “I am
‘The voice of one crying in the wilderness:
“Make straight the way of the LORD,”’
as the prophet Isaiah said.” ~ John 1:23

Our world today tells us that words are cheap. Maybe so, but they are also very powerful and must be used wisely. I want to be a voice for God. How about you?

“If you’re living, if you’re breathing, you’ve got something to say…”
~ Matthew West

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.
(Psalm 150:6)

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Baroness Insomniac said...

It's so important to voice the truth about our Lord and Saviour in love and kindness. It's easy to pull a Moses and believe we cannot possibly speak up. God enabled him and HE certainly can and will enable the rest of us. =)) Very nice devotional. Thank you.

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