Saturday, September 10, 2011


Back when I bought the fabric for Alyssa's hope chest cushions (Yes, THAT long ago!), I bought a large remnant of upholstery fabric on sale to recover my kitchen chairs. This week, my sweet hubby was on vacation and decided to do that project for me! Here is what the chairs looked like BEFORE the re-covering:

Nasty, right? These were my grandmother's chairs and I have no idea how old that upholstery is that's on there. I probably don't want to know! Now here is what they looked like AFTER being recovered:

Once I got the fabric on there, I don't really LOVE the fabric on these chairs. They kind of clash with the wood color to me. But they're SO much cleaner than they were, so I'm okay with it.

Since those turned out so well, we decided to recover our bar stools, too. Here are the before and after photos of one of those:

I was MUCH happier with how those turned out. The fabric looks really good next to the black iron. I Scotch-Guarded all of them, and now we have nice, clean cushions in our kitchen. Aaaah!

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