Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Birthday Party Fun: Mall Scavenger Hunt

This past weekend, we held a mall scavenger hunt party for Alyssa's 17th birthday. You might remember we held a similar party for Hannah last year. This one was a little different. I divided the girls into two teams and gave them a long list of clues with things to find (How many stalls in the women's bathroom, etc.), photos to take (see below), and riddles to solve.

In this photo, they were supposed to have a photo of a teammate wearing a tiara. They combined it with a clue requiring a teammate to wear a feather boa. :)

Take a picture of your teammates hiding behind a plant or tree in the mall.

Take a picture of a teammate next to a mannequin. Bonus points if they are dressed the same.

In this clue, they had a riddle to solve and had to take a picture of their team in front of Claire's.

Take a picture of your entire team on the escalator.

This was another riddle that they had to solve and then take a picture of their team in front of Auntie Anne's Pretzels.

They had 30 minutes to do as many as possible and then meet me back in the food court. We then ate lunch, re-divided the teams, and played another round. While they ate (lunch after the first round and birthday cookie after the second round), I tallied the votes and awarded prizes to the winners (Starbucks gift cards - Oh yeah!).

The girls had a lot of fun and it was a really easy party to throw. The only kink was that apparently our mall's policy has changed since we had our last party there and they now don't allow scavenger hunts. Oops! We didn't know that until our party was almost over, so we were allowed to finish our party. However, if you plan to do one of these parties, call the mall office first to make sure it's okay. If you would like some ideas for clues, you can download the clues we used here.

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Rosalinda Hone said...

LOL @ the changes in mall security! Good thing that you and your friends were able to finish the game! Yes, maybe next time, you can ask the mall admin to let you and your friends do your scavenger hunt. But nevertheless, I think you and the group had fun. Strolling the mall for clues and window shopping sure is fun! It is like hitting two birds with one stone!

Rosalinda Hone

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