Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Little Sneak Peek

I'm a little behind this year on Christmas preparation.

Okay, a LOT behind.

For the last several years, we have taken the week of Thanksgiving to do ALL of our Christmas prep: decorations, gift purchasing, gift-mix assembly, mailing out Christmas cards, etc. This year, though, I am way behind, so we're not even going to attempt to do that.

There are still a few things I will do that week, though: Black Friday shopping with my crazy family and gift mix preparation. Those are just non-negotiable.

For our gift mixes this year, I have stumbled upon a new (to me) secret ingredient: cinnamon chips. Oh. My. Swineherd. (Yes, Alyssa, I threw that in there just for you!) These things make everything better. If you like the taste of cinnamon, you will LOVE cinnamon chips. I have thrown them in breads, cookies, granola bars... just about any place you would put a chocolate chip. They add a little burst of cinnamon-y goodness to everything they touch. Of course, I won't tell you the exact recipe I'm using for my mix yet, but believe me: they're addictive. :)

For my gift mix packaging this year, I briefly entertained the idea of making bags again. Then Alyssa reminded me of last year's insanity and brought me back to reality. (Whew! That was close!) This year's packaging will be MUCH simpler, but I will be making an adorable little embellishment to go on them. I just can't help myself!

So, have you started planning your Christmas yet? Please make me feel better and say no....


Journey of Joy said...

You are insanely on top of things... I am jealous...

Yes, I've started. Actually bought two gifts so far, and one of them is YOURS!! Actually had bought three but decided that I needed that gift more than the intended recipient (tacky, tacky, tacky...).

So, yes, have started, but am way behind you! Feel better?

Gina said...

Yummo! And the fact that you recently started a new job probably has nothing to do with not being ready, huh?

As for how ready I am...three of my four children are completely bought for. Some of my extended family is bought for, but not all. I still have teacher gifts to get together.

AND, to top it off I have two birthdays on either side of the holiday to buy for, too. {runs screaming from the room}

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