Monday, December 26, 2011

Clothespin Christmas Card Hanger

Photo cards are my favorite thing to receive at Christmas. We put them in a scrapbook each year and it's always fun to go back through the scrapbook and see how families have grown and changed. Last year, I found a cute idea (here, I think) for making a Christmas card hanger with decorated clothespins. So this year, I made one of my own:

To make it: I took the clothespins apart and spray painted them. If I make another one (which I probably will), I will just buy pre-painted clothespins. That part was by far the most difficult step. Then I Mod-Podged some scrapbooking paper to the top of the clothespins. I was really happy with how they turned out.

To hang the ribbon, I sewed a D-ring to each end of the ribbon and hung it on a nail. This worked out really well and made the ribbon sit close to the wall.

I just love how you're able to see ALL the cards when they're displayed this way. Before this, I had a wire "tree" that sat on a table and you could never really see all the cards. We will probably keep this up for a few more days to enjoy them before putting them in the scrapbook. Then maybe I'll start working on making another one for next year...

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