Friday, December 16, 2011

Told Ya So...

Remember day #2 in my Christmas sing-along? Well, that was no lie. As proof, here's a picture of our tree this year (I apologize for the low resolution, but it was taken with my phone.)

A few days ago, we awoke to a loud crash around 12:30 am. Yes, the cats had finally managed to knock down the tree. Once we picked it up and collected all the ornaments that fell off, this is what it looked like:

The silver around the trunk is the foil we put on there to try to deter them from climbing the tree. Clearly, that did NOT work. Amazingly, only one ornament was broken in the destruction of this tree. (I am very thankful I have carpeted floors at the moment!)

Alyssa is now calling the cats our "kitty lumberjacks."


1 comment:

besnini said...

We had this happen once. I'm glad only one ornament broke...gotta love the kitties though :)

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