Sunday, January 26, 2014

Behind the Faces

Have you ever thought someone had a perfect life? Charmed, even? Nothing ever seems to go wrong for them, while you seem to always struggle and struggle?

I have had those thoughts on numerous occasions. However, the more I get to know people better, the more I realize that their lives are usually nothing like I imagined. Sometimes, behind a face that's always smiling, there is a person who has had a life of pain and struggles or who is burdened daily for lost loved ones.

Last week as I sat in my church service, I started thinking about some of these people that I'm aware of in my own church body. Then I wondered... how many more of the faces around me are hiding struggles I know nothing about? I would be naive if I thought there weren't any.

So I started praying for all of those people with hidden struggles and pains. I also started jotting down some lines, which eventually became this poem.

Behind the Faces

In your face I may see
A smile that’s carefree,
But behind your face may be
Struggles I can’t see.

In your face I may see
A happiness that’s glowing,
But behind your face may be
A pain you aren’t showing.

In your face I may see
A life of ease and blessing,
But behind your face may be
A history of trials and suffering.

In your face I may see
A dear sister or brother, always focused on things above,
But behind your face may be
A heavy heart, burdened for someone you love.

God, help me not to only see
The face that’s right in front of me.
Give me compassion, love, and grace
To minister to the soul behind every face.

(c) 2014


Summer said...

very beautiful. I love you.

Jennifer said...

I love you, too, friend! Thanks. :)

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