Sunday, December 14, 2014

Gift Mix 2014: A Few of Our Favorite Things

For this year's gift mix, I knew I wanted to wrap them in "brown paper packages tied up with strings." It was a logical conclusion, then, that I needed to repeat a "favorite" gift mix.

The last time we gave out Cranberry Hootycreek Cookie mixes was 2005 and I STILL have people ask me every year if I'm giving that cookie out as our mix. It's a great cookie and a favorite of many of our friends.

So this year, I borrowed a decorative hole punch from my friend Mae (I think I borrow something from her for every crafty project I do! What would I do without her?!?!) and used that on some regular brown paper lunch bags. My friend Gina gave me a good Etsy source for the bakers twine, so I bought that after Christmas last year. The results are seen below.

We made 120 gift mixes this year. This is most of them. Some were on the chair behind the table. I forgot to put in the leaf, so I ran out of room! :)

I designed the tag based on a few others I saw on the internet. You can click on the images below to open them up larger and/or to copy them. One little note on the recipe side: it is probably too small to read, but the words around the edges of the border are the words to the song "My Favorite Things." I thought that was a fun detail. :)

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