Sunday, December 17, 2017

Apple Spice Cookie Sticks - 2017 Gift Mix

This year's gift mix is a cookie flavored with apple pie spice. The icing for these cookies have a little bit of applesauce in it, which gives it even more of an apple pie flavor. They are a really yummy cookie!

My packaging this year came from Dollar Tree. I was able to order these in packages of 36 and have them delivered free to my local Dollar Tree. Aren't they cute? I split the mix into 3 parts: the brown sugar, the rest of the cookie mix, and the glaze mix. So each of the 3 bags pictured below go in each mix.

As usual, I made 108 of them, so here is the pic of all the bags done and a picture of the mixes once they were put in the containers.

If you want the recipe, you can download a printable version here. There is also a gluten free version here. Merry Christmas!

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